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More chatplay, again with [ profile] laser_not_sonic. Having played out a scenario with the Master fobwatched as Harry Saxon traveling with my Doctor, we ended up playing out another scenario with both Doctor and Master fobwatched, turn-of-the-century-ish. This isn't my Doctor; this is a canon one, fobwatched, so that was a bit of a switch for me, he's less touchy.

This one's relatively short! Really. And they're just being cute, not much substance, and talking about taking a break from their lives to travel together. Without any fighting! That'd be a first, if they were still Time Lords.

They're close, as close as too people can be, and of course they want to be closer, that's the human condition. It makes for wonderful discourse, but it's not something that can be helped. )
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Okay, this was a ridiculous Epic of Theoretical Projection chatplayed by [ profile] laser_not_sonic and I, in which we explored what might happen if my Doctor Chameleon-Arched the Master for his own good and then took Harry Saxon on as his companion. It is ENORMOUSLY LONG. My writing in it's not the best, but Harry Saxon and the Doctor have some ridiculously cute moments in here; I've edited the transcript to remove about 98% of both lsn-mun and I's AWs ;)

I'd love feedback; I think I still have a lot of work to do on spontaneous dialogue and physical specificity.

NOTE: I'll probably be hiatusing, at least from AIM chatplay, for a week or so here. This log took a ludicrous amount of time, and, yeah, I think I should give myself some space after that. But, well, I think it's also worth reading?

And it's true. God, it's true, what he says. The deja vu and the drums and that strange, comfortable familiarity with the Doctor. It's all true. He swallows. 'Who am I?' )


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