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Contrary to appearances, I have not abandoned Watch!Ten. A thread between he and [ profile] chez_desouza (Christina, of course) has been developing over the past few weeks, slowly.

He reaches out, copying the exact gesture she remembers from her father, this gesture that says 'are you really there, or are you just a figment of my mind as well?'

Spectators welcome, but be warned, there may be triggers for child abuse. Nothing graphic or descriptive; so far, just oblique references to remembered trauma.
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So, the journal's not been updating much recently.

Why? Because my brain has been et by long threads of conflict and mind-melding caused by that most devious of memes, the "in bed" meme.

Funny things happen when you wake up in your best enemy's bed or when your drum-free other self wakes up in yours and Freaks the Hell Out, in a rather understated way.

Anyway, so the Master/Doctor in-bed thread with [ profile] laser_not_sonic has drawn to a close, with the Master locking the Doctor up for safekeeping.

A new thread's been going like gangbusters, with [ profile] or_timelords canon!Ten, who woke up in my Ten's bed and decided he wants to stick around and try to help my Ten with his percussion problem. Different 'verse from the M/D thread, clearly. Both Doctors, so far, have managed to do some fairly silly things and totally start off on the wrong foot with each other, which amuses their muns.

And, in chatplay, [ profile] or_timelords and I projected a possible scenario in which her Ten discovers he's had the potential for the drums all along, locked away in his memories of the Year That Wasn't and a whole lot of emotional/mental scarring and identity-crisising and mind-fuckery results.

I love mind-fuckery, really I do. Hoorah, telepathy and telepathic connections to TARDIS!
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If you'd like to follow along as [ profile] laser_not_sonic and I see what happens when you trap a Doctor with the drums on the Master's TARDIS, come on over and spectate!

There'll be Peeps? Angst and corruption and Peeps?


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