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As there's a bandwagon, and those suckers are magnetic, with gravitational force nigh onto a none-more-black hole, here I am, posting.


Or just your ideas. Children are too much work.

Or some gummi penguins, wrapped in ideas.

Seriously, ideas. For any of my muses, any non-muses, whatevah.

Also, if I started up a prompt community based around something like "write a haiku based on this prompt and other people can write the two-line tanka response to your haiku accompanied by a fic-bit inspired by the resulting poem, if they want" or some such, would anyone be interested? I like haiku. I dunno why, it coalesces a little idea down and then you can blow it back up into a big idea, it's kinda neat. I also like the idea of the Heian-period poetry exchange, with poety-and-response. This one I have no explanation for except a passing Japanophile period a few years ago.
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The Magister, the Doctor/Master AU!future!version of Watch!Ten whom I've been playing about with recently has earned his own journal, just so I don't get my wires crossed, muse-wise. So if anyone wants to follow him, he'll be over at [ profile] cosmos_without, PBed by ye olde David Tennant in his recent future and Tim Roth in his further future.

Currently, the journal's bare as a nudist colony, but I mean to work on that.
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I haven't written for a while, and I'd like to work on that.

But I thought I'd ask for prompts, to make it a little more challenging.

What might you like to read from me that you think I'd have a hard time writing? As in, that I'd have to stretch myself to write, topic-wise, form-wise, anything. And it doesn't have to be confined to my Doctor. It can be the Moctor, other characters, hell, even non-DW. Anything goes.

Can't guarantee I'll answer prompts exactly (or, uh, promptly >_>), but I'm curious. I like brain food.
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Well, this is a new one on me. The chatplay [ profile] t_eyla and I have been goofing about with over the past few days, with BtVS's Spike getting accidentally Time-Lorded by my Doctor and then traveling around with him, has spawned...well, Teyla's given random-crossover!Spike his own journal, [ profile] firstofhiskind.

They're getting on well.

RP is the most bizarre animal. At least my Doctor didn't Time Lord...I don't know, JD from Scrubs or anything. Though I bet they'd get along better than Spike and the Doctor!

Also, I still believe Bill Nye the Science Guy is a Time Lord and must resist writing some cracky crossover fic about *that* little hypothesis.
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When I said I was in a slump, I apparently meant for, except when I'm lured into chatplay with [ profile] t_eyla and end up with Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer on my Doctor's TARDIS.

And then run with this scenario on and off with her for two days.

What we're learning?

One, if you're a vampire and you drink from a Time Lord, your heart starts up again. A little. Regenerative properties, dontcha know.

Two, if you then defibrillate said heart after giving the vampire more Time Lord blood, you end up resuscitating said vampire properly. However, if you screw up and there's too much Gallifreyan blood in the vampire's system (or your mun just hates you and agrees to let screwy things happen with your medical experiments), you trigger regeneration instead of just accelerated healing, and hoorah, you now have your very own Time Lord. Damn.

Three, you aren't a proper Time Lord until another Time Lord has touched minds with you and showed you how to sort your own mind out (discovering my own fanon, in keeping with the Looms idea, but kinda...going off on my own with it is fun!). This is something cousins do for newly-Loomed siblings, the moment they first exist, and it establishes an instinctive familial bond. So, if you neglect to do this with your vampire, because he's *not* a Time Lord, dammit, then he goes around feeling lost and disoriented and like he can't find a settled point in his own mind. And then when you do go and do it, because you're feeling rather guilty about not and the fellow keeps walking into walls and the like, you establish him as family, in your biological/mental instincts' opinion. Great.

Four, the Doctor doesn't know what to do when someone close to him gets hung up on hierarchy. He doesn't want to go around doing the alpha male thing, he just wants to be mates. He's not the table-pounding type of Dad, he's the "Can't we go explore and then if you screw up I'll glare at you and be disappointed and not quite bother to explain what you did wrong?" kind. And vampires, apparently, like hierarchy.

Five, the Doctor has a rather good friend called Tony, who runs a bar that serves the best Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters in the universe. Tony has four arms and a purple third eye in the middle of his forehead, and gets little paper umbrellas imported from Earth just because the Doctor likes about three of them in his Pan Galactics. He is also not above serving drinks to ex-vampiric Time Lords, especially if the Doctor has just told him it's time to cut said Time Lord off. Tony is a jerk, and thinks drunk Time Lords tell the damnedest stories and get into sing-offs and it livens up a dull night.

...I may post this up in bits later, it's just...random.

OOC: Meh

Jan. 7th, 2009 10:25 pm
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A little down this evening. I know there are folks waiting for tags from me, but I may be kind of slow here. I tend to cycle through "life is fine, I'm getting the hang of it" and restless, searching periods where I'm not content with anything. I'm in a restless bit right now, and can't seem to find the patience or inspiration for much, RP included. It'll prolly come back; it usually does.

Hm. Inspiration fishing's never bad. Any random ideas, questions, prompts, anything you want to throw at this post would be cool. Meh. I am *super unexciting* when I live on my own, apparently.
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HEE, look at the icon [ profile] janiejane made for me! (She wants me to add that the Peep/TARDIS icon request was entirely my fault. I has a silly fanon XP)

It's a stowaway from the Planet of the Sentient Peeps, I'd say.

...I am far too amused by this.


Jasper: Thar we go. *pimps it on her journal*
Jasper: *pimping the Peep, dur*
Janie: XD *looks*
Janie: LOL
Jasper: I <3 it.
Jasper: ...I'm now just seeing Jack in Utopia as played by a Peep.
Jasper: Since clearly that Peep has traveled through the Time Vortex clinging to the TARDIS.
Janie: *ded*
Jasper: "He's dead!" "No, Martha, he's a marshmallow, he's fine."
Janie: fuck - laughing so hard
Jasper: XD
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Alrighty, so, I'll be moving into an apartment this weekend (my first one! Wow! It's about bloody time, me), and I haven't been paying half the attention to prep that I should, so I'll probably be going a bit slow/dead in RP land. I'll try to have a tag or so a day for my big plotty threads, but otherwise I likely won't be starting anything new or being very prompt. Just so you know what's up!

And because I thought I'd throw something else into this post, hey, really good friend/rival relationships in fiction or history, anyone? I've been playing off of [ profile] laser_not_sonic's Master with my Doctor for a few days and am remembering how fun/dynamic these relationships are, to read and to write—because you're simultaneously on both characters' sides, and they have so much invested in each other. I'd like to write a narcissist-idealist/narcissist-pragmatist (or -dominator? Would that be a better word choice?) female/male duo myself someday—rival relationships are just so rich, and always where I come back to in writing and RP, and I'd like to see a cross-gender pair.

To start the list:

Doctor/Master - DW.
Xavier/Magneto - X-men.
Vash/Knifes - Trigun.
Holmes/Moriarty - oh, you know this one. Not so much with the friends, but it's so iconic, and Ten would make the perkiest Holmes, wouldn't he?

And, hell, I'd love to include Scorpius/Crichton (Farscape), too, though they don't have that friends aspect or the really long history. Unless you include Harvey. Who's awesome. But the back-and-forth! The psychological torture and mucking about! The cloning and killing and the being forced to work together sometimes! It's awesome!

...I need to watch Farscape again.
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And, lo, another 'verse was born upon the Earth.

Funny places, an in-bed!meme can take you. Such as another Time Lord's TARDIS. And they just might not feel like dropping you off politely by your TARDIS when you ask.

Not at all graphic or particularly sexy, this thread (I don't do either, really, I'm a mood nerd), but it is rather dark and a downer (but a well-written downer, I'd say!). Ten discovers he could easily become addicted to silence, and the Master's the only one who can provide it. He also OD's on mind-numbing (literally) and topples over. Go, Ten, you doofus.

So now he's stuck on the Master's TARDIS. As his narration said for him, "Fan-fucking-BRILLIANT."

I predict this will be his Evil!(or at least Amoral!)'verse.
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...Someone hold me to that, right? My OC-verse *is* goin' down, just in a separate journal.

You may now return to your regularly-scheduled non-schizophrenic-indecisive-ADHD flist.

Lordy, I take things seriously. B| B| B| B|

*insert six million flail-y emoticons here*
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Okay, so. If I go 100 icons with this account, I can do the Doctor *and* muck about with figuring out my OC-verse. Which keeps insisting on doing goofy and inconsistent things and not getting pinned down.

Basic conflict here is writer vs. RPer, I think. The Doctor's great for mingling, as he comes with pre-set relationships and a shared universe that lets everyone interact on the same page—but he comes with limitations on writing. OCs are terrible for mingling, because they insist on retconning themselves constantly, and throw everyone interacting with them off-balance, as their writers figure out who the hell they are—but they allow greater writing freedom. So, I'm wanting my cake and eating it, too. Trying to figure out if I can finagle that. RP = casual, writing = serious.

Anyone else ever bump up against this conflict, or have thoughts on it? And also, thanks for putting up with me muddling about, here. Not a fan of dramaing, but. If I don't find my feet, I'll failboat people and myself in both RP interactions and writing decent stuff.
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So. This may or may not be a Horrible Mistake, but what the hell. It's the internet, the internet's made for horrible mistakes!

Anyway, I've been working up text and profile information for an OC version of the character I want to play—a Doctor-like character who's...not the Doctor. Not quite. Selfish? Yeah, a little bit. But it may give me more freedom and be more respectful than trying to get a preexisting canon character and universe to fit the themes I'd like to explore.

So, hey, this new guy? He's PBed by Tim Roth, and calls himself the Watch. He may also throw out the Horologist, the Horologer, and/or the Horologe, depending on how pretentious he feels like being at any moment. He's an alien (of course) and a reality traveler ("reality" being shorthand for "time and space"), using his pocket universe, the Gnomon (a bit like the End of Time, in Chrono Trigger, except bigger, better-furnished, and less depressing). Currently, he's still a bit more Doctor than I'd like. He'll be growing away from that, I think, as I flesh out his story. He's had analogue events to the Time War happen to him, and there's much smoothing out, integrating, and personalizing to be done of his storyline.

If you want to defriend this journal, 'cause it's not Who any more, quite, that's fine, I understand. My *hope* is that I'll get the character enough in hand that he can still be an interesting read (I intend to write him fiction, which will no doubt be rather Who-ish at first), but, yep, defriending's cool, I get ya.

And! Character relationships! This mostly affects [ profile] stardustflying. I'm thinking I might play it a bit like regeneration weirdness? Like, he remembers characters he's interacted with, who they are, what they mean to him, etc., but...kinda hazy. He might not be entirely clear on things, but he won't have forgotten. It may work, it may not. I'd rather not lose touch with the characters the Doctor struck up relationships with, because the RP's fun and I enjoy the characters, but...just like defriending, if folks want to start from scratch or go separate ways, that's cool, too!

This is going to be complicated, but I think I'm up for it. New worlds to explore!
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Right. So, me asking myself writing questions and answering them, in order to get a better handle on my character, why I'm writing him, and where I want him to go, so I can solidify ideas and head forward based on them. If you choose to follow my meanderings, input is most welcome. I find that conversation helps me get a handle on ideas, sometimes, in ways I never can on my own.

AUs, the Doctor, Ten, why Who, and on what groundwork do I want to build? )
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If the Doctor's story were a novel, how would you have it end?

Me, I think I'd have him succeed in restoring Gallifrey and realize that the human race has grown to a point where it no longer needs him to defend it (and perhaps never did), and, on his final death, regenerate as the Other, linked into the Time Vortex, a kind of entity that's both the Doctor (all of the Doctors) and something/one that exists throughout time and space (yes, very pseudo-mystical :\). He would, of course, be also half-TARDIS. I don't know how that would happen, but the TARDIS, he and it need to get together. Yus.

I know I should be a hard-edged plotter and say he just dies, albeit heroically, and turns out to have just been a rather extraordinary man and nothing more than that, but. .-.

Also! I'll probably be slow on tags. Doing some thinking and retconning, trying to figure out where I want my character. I'm sappy right now~ Guess why? ;P
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So, I'm suffering from ye writer's insecurity (which I think is just a perpetual state of being, for ye writers), and giving in to it, and asking questions.

- First, how's my driving? I've been enjoying playing my Doctor, though I'm still finding the characterization (go me, giving myself an AU, to make it harder), and am hoping that people I've played him with have found the experience satisfying/that I stay IC. The same goes for my fic writing. I really want to not go Mary Sue with characters and to develop interesting and thorough characterizations, that read smoothly and that are relevant to other readers. I know AUs, in particular, can off-put readers, and hope to develop something that can move past that.

- Also, is anybody reading? Yeah, self-indulgent question (and, hush, [ profile] stardustflying, I know you are XD), but I admire many of the writers in the unofficial community that seems to exist, and would like to think I'm...I dunno, contributing. Writing for oneself has merit, of course, but it's also lonely and lacks the hook and possibility for growth that writing for an audience does.

- Anything else at all? *shrugs* Anything, really. I like to talk.

Comments screened, yo.
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Cross-posted to [ profile] mind_the_tardis

Lordy, I finished my "This sounded like a good idea when I started, why do you want to not go the way I drafted you, excuse me, Mr. Smith, get back in line, why is this so LONG?" fic of John Smithiness.

So I shall probably be a little slow with tags this evening, as my brain is burnt out.

...I'll probably be taking an evening's break from Who, by...watching Who. YES HOORAH ME.

Everyone I'm tagging with, I shall be with you on the morrow! Or on Monday, at the verrah, verrah latest.
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And, suddenly, having already written up an entire draft, I'm wondering if John wouldn't have been a conscientious objector. And would you run towards or away from your dream-opposite, if you knew they were out there, on the field of battle?

On the other hand, the Doctor's notorious for running *towards* trouble.

And if something haunted you your entire life, wouldn't you want to confront it, if the possibility presented itself?


Of course, I can always go back and write an alternate version, for conscientious-objector-dom.

On the other other hand, I feel like John might be like Handy. I.e., my other self may have already made these mistakes, but that other's not me, and I have to make them for *myself* if *I'm* going to move on.

Writing, like everything else in life, comes with second and third and fourth thoughts attached.
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So, oddly, since I've gotten into Who and started writing fic, I've also found myself reading poetry. I've always looked at poetry and gone "Pfft. Poetry. It's like, what you do if you can't write fiction." Of course, now I'm reading poetry and going "Well, hell, no, it's not the same thing at all. This is what you write to say the things you *can't* say in narrative prose." And it's lovely for providing hooks and inspiration for ideas and fiction, so far, or seems like it will/could be.

Anyway, so I've been on a Shakespeare and Walt Whitman kick recently, and have Dickinson and "The Waste Land" lying about my room, and mean to get to Wilfred Owen and Dylan Thomas, but I was wondering, for those more poetically well-read than I, any good recommendations? Any poems or poets that specifically make you think of the Doctor or of your muse? Or that are just, you know, really good?

Links to poems would be awesome!
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Watch!Ten is now a paying member of LJ society. Go, him. So he's got icons that actually come from the Children in Need special where Ten wears the leather jacket, finally (courtesy of his 'wright's sophisticated "UM I hit 'crop to selection,' right?" skills). And other Dark and Angry Doctor icons.

And, yes, I'm pretty sure I'll go B| and cave in for those extra icons soon. Oh, who needs money, anyway, right? -_________-

Also! I swearz, I shall have a fic up by tomorrow! It's all drafted, now for finals! *spends too much time RPing and thinking about writing instead of writing*


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