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Right. So, me asking myself writing questions and answering them, in order to get a better handle on my character, why I'm writing him, and where I want him to go, so I can solidify ideas and head forward based on them. If you choose to follow my meanderings, input is most welcome. I find that conversation helps me get a handle on ideas, sometimes, in ways I never can on my own.

AUs, the Doctor, Ten, why Who, and on what groundwork do I want to build? )
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The beginnings of a character analysis data-dump, for Watch!Ten (and Ten and the Doctor in general), as I work out aspects and issues that need to be addressed, for characterization and plot development.

Theorizing and Philosophizing and Other Izings )
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Random bits and bobs on Watch!Ten and the Doctor in general. To which I will likely be adding.


- The Doctor never *has* to change clothes. He has some gizmo or the TARDIS has some feature that keeps them perpetually clean (even when he's running about on adventures, getting into the damnedest scrapes). It also keeps them from ripping/tearing easily. When he sleeps, he sleeps on top of the covers, fully dressed. The TARDIS also *makes* clothing. Either that, or the Doctor does a whole lot of flea-market-browsing as he jumps around the universe.

- Any and all sound effects and flashing lights his equipment (TARDIS, sonic screwdriver, etc) produce are optional. He makes a special effort to engineer that extra pizazz in there; and he could turn most of the special effects off, if he really *had* to.

- He plays the bagpipes. Rather well. In fact, he can play them with a much greater sustain than a human being.

- Retains several of Nine's mannerisms, along with the taste in clothing. Will still do the hands-under-arms-arms-crossed gesture, complete with grin and a little toe-bounce. Also still uses "fantastic," as well as Ten's usual "brilliant."

- Has a fondness for Peeps and Hostess cupcakes. Keeps some of each in his jacket pockets, at most times. May like other kinds of junk food. Doesn't go in for jelly babies so much anymore.

- Gravitates towards battlefields, graveyards, memorials, other fields of war and tragedy and bloodshed. They offer him an opportunity to save lives and alleviate suffering, the psychological balm of making up for a small piece of the slaughter and death and sacrifice he's been responsible for.

- Is a vegan. At least, he is when he's on his own and not taking part in some local cultural shenanigans. In the same way that some people are social drinkers, he's a social carnivore. If other people are eating meat/animal products, he'll go ahead and have some; but he'll avoid them when left to his own devices.

- Can tend bar with some panache. He likes making layered drinks, in particular, as well as anything that fizzes a lot, gets set on fire, or requires shaking up.

- Loves Disney and Pixar films. Particular favorites include Lilo & Stitch, Wall-E, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin. Also likes The Road to El Dorado and anything Hayao Miyazaki. Fond of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure in a headdesky kind of way. Watches some musicals, as well: Doctor Dolittle, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

- Listens to the Pillows. Upbeat nonsensical Engrish, FTW!
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Questions, comments, and concerns welcomed on this! Very little of Watch!Ten's canon is "locked in" yet, so much of this may/can change, as it needs to or as his story takes it.

So, AU, is he? Just how AU? )
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Watch!Ten has his own universe's canon, as well as 'verses that are developing out of RP.

So, here's a guide to who's who in his world. )


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