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The Doctor flew around the controls of the TARDIS, checking and rechecking it. Right, fine, fine, it was fine. They were heading straight for Florana, no flare-ups, no time distortions, no temporal speedbumps, right on target. Right bang on target.

Good. He stretched a foot across the console, flipped the last switch with the toe of one black Converse. Wonderful having such long limbs, made piloting so much easier. With Jenny here, it might get easier yet. He'd have to teach her the basics, work her up to full speed. Gradually, didn't want her thinking she could take off on her own yet. Right, he'd need to get her a key. Where did he keep the spares? "K" for "key," or "S" for "spare?" Hm.

The TARDIS shuddered and banged and then fell silent. Arrived already? Oh, he was getting *good.* The Doctor dusted his hands off, stepping back from the console with a grin.

Now, where was Jenny? She'd moved her things in (things she must have brought in from wherever she'd been living--with the Master--oi, he didn't want to know, he just didn't want to know) and popped off. To change clothes, she'd said. How long did that *take?* And why bother with changing clothes, anyway?

"Jenny!" He called towards the door into the TARDIS' interior, still hanging ajar from when she'd gone back. "Oi, Jenny, we're there! Florana! Floating seas and golden beaches and mora rays. Have you ever seen a mora ray? They're like parrots, except with bubbles."


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