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It's been a while since I've posted anything I've written at all (or, well, really, since I've written anything at all, never mind posting), so here's a nothing I wrote for [ profile] kmegumi2, who prompted me to write something with Watch!Ten being devious.
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'Verse: None in particular; uses personal canon as a base.
Words: 3,038
Prompt: [ profile] oncoming_storms, 59.4, "Write a conversation between your character and another using only dialogue. However, both characters are doing something and it must be obvious from the dialogue what it is." And that pairings meme that was going around. This is what comes of me thinking about Astrid/Doctor meeting in my universe.

So, all dialogue, long, long, long, and ROUGH. Really rough. But I think there's potential here and would like to get it cleaned up and tightened. Any feedback would be spectacular.

Through a mist, to a wood, Where within a haunted castle, Something's lurking that you don't see every day… )
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'Verse: Personal canon.
Words: 1,242
Prompt: [ profile] oncoming_storms, prompt 61.2.d, "Dystopia."

Playing a bit fast and loose with canon, here, as the effects of the Delta Wave weren't described this way in Season 1's finale. But, what the hey, I didn't feel like doing a Serenity redux and maybe the good Doctor didn't have time to get the device *quite* right. Or maybe his writer's just evil and wanted to make sure he destroyed Earth good and proper. Like Pompeii, but a whole planet! Go, you, Doctor.

Not thrilled with this one, but, well, I wrote it, so. Eh. It goes out into the world, to do what damage it may. :|

It is not there just to be looked at. It's also there to be looked from. )

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'Verse: A little fast and loose, mostly 2Docs+1.
Words: 91
Prompt: [ profile] makeyourlist, 43.1, "Make a list of things in your Google search engine."

invasion colanders OR saltshakers
robot colanders OR saltshakers
green beams OR lasers OR deathrays
exterminate screeching
tailor alterations leather
black "too slimming"
"Rose Tyler" London
"Tyler, Rose" London
armor-piercing capabilities projectile*
"john smith" author teacher English
"smith, john" author teacher English
"john smith" visionary
"smith, john" visionary
"lesser evil" ethical decisions lives balance
extinction events
Schindler's List
Wall-E DVD release
limits pacifism nonviolent OR non-violent protest
psychic percussion
hearing sounds mental -"hearing voices" -schizophrenia
"solitary confinement" long-term effects
penguins beaches washing up theories alien*
penguins beaches washing up "giant penguin"

((OOC: Wondering about the penguins? Here!))
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Verse: Personal canon.
Words: 3,687.
Prompt: [ profile] oncoming_storms, Prompt 30.2.b, "Hope," and some personal research.

EDIT: Fixed my obvious historical error, go, me!

I know it's a lot of text, this piece, not broken up by dialogue, but I'd love feedback on it! I did quite a bit of research to get it put together, and I'd very much like to hear what people think. I'd like to believe it's worth the textiness, but that's me reading it. What are you folks' reactions? I shall give you Interweb virtual cookies for your thoughts!

Dear Mother and Father,

I know that you will wonder why I am writing again so soon. My last letter was only a week ago, so that this one may arrive right behind it. You’ll think that your son has all the time in the world here, to write and to stargaze. The war, I can hear you say, that must all be a sham in the papers, the dear boy’s down there larking about, writing us serial novels and learning the constellations. A Continental vacation, that’s what it is, government-paid!

It’s not like that. Paper’s hard to get, and time is harder, and a dry spot in the trenches, even harder still. So you’ll have to believe me when I tell you I’m writing again because I’ve got a story worth telling. Really worth telling, and I hope you put this on to the local paper, though I don’t doubt they’ll think I’m mad.

It’s a story about Christmas, Mum and Da, and about peace and the best parts of us English. Maybe the Germans, too, though I don’t know about that. )

Fic: FX

Sep. 21st, 2008 01:07 am
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'Verse: Personal canon.
Words: 903.
Prompt: [ profile] oncoming_storms, 59.3, "Caught in an embarrassing situation"—as well as a conversation with [ profile] not_from_mars


“Mm?” The Doctor didn’t look up from the TARDIS’ scanner—ever since LoA had succeeded in breaking into her, back on Earth, he’d treated her with greater care, checking her condition between adventures. This particular adventure, she’d taken quite a beating—power reserves drained; masses of connections disconnected and buffers debuffed; and the Oct-III Metatemporal Heisenberg Particle Counter blown right offline. That’d need replacing. Where to find a new one? “Twenty-second century? No, nope, still uncertain about their particles. Fifty-third? Hm…”

“Doctor.” )


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