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Birthdate:Sep 30
On the wind of a windless day. . . .

I have heard the sound of drums and flute. . . .

The Doctor

The Time War ended, two civilizations died, and one man ran. He ran so hard and so far that he never met the girl who saved his Ninth from himself in other realities, other universes. The Daleks came again, and again he chose to be a killer, not a coward. Two more civilizations died, one for the second time and one for the first. He died, too—but he has a way of getting over that. When the Family caught his scent, he stored himself away and threw himself into time, to be lost forever. Only a friend wouldn't let him go, a friend he had never quite but always almost taken for granted. His TARDIS gave him a second chance, set him free of the watch and let him out into the universe again.

Now, the man who was a watch is making up for lost time.

What makes him tick—differences from canon!TenUpdated 1 Nov 2008
Tics: Random bits and bobs on Watch!TenUpdated 19 Oct 2008
Character analysis: Morality, sexuality, life, the universe, and everythingUpdated 19 Oct 2008
Relationships and 'versesUpdated 21 Nov 2008
Songs for Ten (a playlist)Updated 2 Nov 2008
Time and space: The 'wright's ongoing canon journeyUpdated 31 Oct 2008

A Teaspoon and an Open Mind

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AIM: kikainogimon
'Wright journal: [info]mind_the_tardis


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(Character entirely fictional, the Doctor concept, canon storyline, and all its trappings owned by those who own Doctor Who, Lord bless 'em, and not by me. Same goes for David Tennant [Insert obligatory 'he's hot' comment here]. I'm playing this character for fun and RP and because I like the freedom of mucking about in all of history, fiction-wise, no profit at all involved!)

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