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More chatplay, again with [ profile] laser_not_sonic. Having played out a scenario with the Master fobwatched as Harry Saxon traveling with my Doctor, we ended up playing out another scenario with both Doctor and Master fobwatched, turn-of-the-century-ish. This isn't my Doctor; this is a canon one, fobwatched, so that was a bit of a switch for me, he's less touchy.

This one's relatively short! Really. And they're just being cute, not much substance, and talking about taking a break from their lives to travel together. Without any fighting! That'd be a first, if they were still Time Lords.

They're close, as close as too people can be, and of course they want to be closer, that's the human condition. It makes for wonderful discourse, but it's not something that can be helped. )
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Oh, what the hell. We write these things in AIM, we might as well post 'em up for posterity.

Continuing on from the massive still-ongoing thread of doom in which [ profile] or_timelords' canon!Ten wakes up in watch!Ten's TARDIS one day and decides to stay and help his other out, this is a theoretical follow-up to the thread.

It involves moonshine and singing and, of course, ANGST. We loves our angst.

How much does a polar bear weigh? )
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Okay, this was a ridiculous Epic of Theoretical Projection chatplayed by [ profile] laser_not_sonic and I, in which we explored what might happen if my Doctor Chameleon-Arched the Master for his own good and then took Harry Saxon on as his companion. It is ENORMOUSLY LONG. My writing in it's not the best, but Harry Saxon and the Doctor have some ridiculously cute moments in here; I've edited the transcript to remove about 98% of both lsn-mun and I's AWs ;)

I'd love feedback; I think I still have a lot of work to do on spontaneous dialogue and physical specificity.

NOTE: I'll probably be hiatusing, at least from AIM chatplay, for a week or so here. This log took a ludicrous amount of time, and, yeah, I think I should give myself some space after that. But, well, I think it's also worth reading?

And it's true. God, it's true, what he says. The deja vu and the drums and that strange, comfortable familiarity with the Doctor. It's all true. He swallows. 'Who am I?' )
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So, the journal's not been updating much recently.

Why? Because my brain has been et by long threads of conflict and mind-melding caused by that most devious of memes, the "in bed" meme.

Funny things happen when you wake up in your best enemy's bed or when your drum-free other self wakes up in yours and Freaks the Hell Out, in a rather understated way.

Anyway, so the Master/Doctor in-bed thread with [ profile] laser_not_sonic has drawn to a close, with the Master locking the Doctor up for safekeeping.

A new thread's been going like gangbusters, with [ profile] or_timelords canon!Ten, who woke up in my Ten's bed and decided he wants to stick around and try to help my Ten with his percussion problem. Different 'verse from the M/D thread, clearly. Both Doctors, so far, have managed to do some fairly silly things and totally start off on the wrong foot with each other, which amuses their muns.

And, in chatplay, [ profile] or_timelords and I projected a possible scenario in which her Ten discovers he's had the potential for the drums all along, locked away in his memories of the Year That Wasn't and a whole lot of emotional/mental scarring and identity-crisising and mind-fuckery results.

I love mind-fuckery, really I do. Hoorah, telepathy and telepathic connections to TARDIS!
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Snatched from [ profile] cyfor.

Put your playlist on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. post the poem that results. the first line of the twenty-first is the title.

"Take a Little Walk to the Edge of Town"

Still don't know what I was waiting for
I can't remember when it was good
Nobody ever had a dream round here
When you're standing by the roadside
When I offer you survival
We're traveling somewhere, could be anywhere
Goodbye love
Even if we touch
The muffled beat of distant music
Did you think that your feet had been bound
Fear and panic in the air
Tale as old as time
Oh let the sun beat down upon my face
I don't feel a thing
From the day we arrive on the planet
It was only one hour ago
I am thinking it's a sign
Once I found a stowaway
Time is just a window
Follow through
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HEE, look at the icon [ profile] janiejane made for me! (She wants me to add that the Peep/TARDIS icon request was entirely my fault. I has a silly fanon XP)

It's a stowaway from the Planet of the Sentient Peeps, I'd say.

...I am far too amused by this.


Jasper: Thar we go. *pimps it on her journal*
Jasper: *pimping the Peep, dur*
Janie: XD *looks*
Janie: LOL
Jasper: I <3 it.
Jasper: ...I'm now just seeing Jack in Utopia as played by a Peep.
Jasper: Since clearly that Peep has traveled through the Time Vortex clinging to the TARDIS.
Janie: *ded*
Jasper: "He's dead!" "No, Martha, he's a marshmallow, he's fine."
Janie: fuck - laughing so hard
Jasper: XD
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Alrighty, so, I'll be moving into an apartment this weekend (my first one! Wow! It's about bloody time, me), and I haven't been paying half the attention to prep that I should, so I'll probably be going a bit slow/dead in RP land. I'll try to have a tag or so a day for my big plotty threads, but otherwise I likely won't be starting anything new or being very prompt. Just so you know what's up!

And because I thought I'd throw something else into this post, hey, really good friend/rival relationships in fiction or history, anyone? I've been playing off of [ profile] laser_not_sonic's Master with my Doctor for a few days and am remembering how fun/dynamic these relationships are, to read and to write—because you're simultaneously on both characters' sides, and they have so much invested in each other. I'd like to write a narcissist-idealist/narcissist-pragmatist (or -dominator? Would that be a better word choice?) female/male duo myself someday—rival relationships are just so rich, and always where I come back to in writing and RP, and I'd like to see a cross-gender pair.

To start the list:

Doctor/Master - DW.
Xavier/Magneto - X-men.
Vash/Knifes - Trigun.
Holmes/Moriarty - oh, you know this one. Not so much with the friends, but it's so iconic, and Ten would make the perkiest Holmes, wouldn't he?

And, hell, I'd love to include Scorpius/Crichton (Farscape), too, though they don't have that friends aspect or the really long history. Unless you include Harvey. Who's awesome. But the back-and-forth! The psychological torture and mucking about! The cloning and killing and the being forced to work together sometimes! It's awesome!

...I need to watch Farscape again.
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If you'd like to follow along as [ profile] laser_not_sonic and I see what happens when you trap a Doctor with the drums on the Master's TARDIS, come on over and spectate!

There'll be Peeps? Angst and corruption and Peeps?
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And, lo, another 'verse was born upon the Earth.

Funny places, an in-bed!meme can take you. Such as another Time Lord's TARDIS. And they just might not feel like dropping you off politely by your TARDIS when you ask.

Not at all graphic or particularly sexy, this thread (I don't do either, really, I'm a mood nerd), but it is rather dark and a downer (but a well-written downer, I'd say!). Ten discovers he could easily become addicted to silence, and the Master's the only one who can provide it. He also OD's on mind-numbing (literally) and topples over. Go, Ten, you doofus.

So now he's stuck on the Master's TARDIS. As his narration said for him, "Fan-fucking-BRILLIANT."

I predict this will be his Evil!(or at least Amoral!)'verse.
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'Verse: Personal canon—any 'verse, really. I'm sure he does this in his multiverse!verse, too.
Words: 798
Prompts: None, just me—and watching Castrovalva. This was a 30-mins., no real rewriting, I just want to write something, I haven't in ages piece. So rather stream-of-consciousness and undisciplined.

You retreat.

You often do, these days. It used to be all running, and saving, and the worlds around you, the universe, a blur of sights and sounds and new experiences and friends by your side.

It used to be wonder and each moment new and nothing constant except the beauty and the terror and the new faces you would see in a crowd, the eyes met across a room, the adventures. The invitations. The stowaways and the tagalongs, and the human beings you loved the moment you saw them and loved until the moment they left and love still and will always love.

Even though you destroyed their future.

Even though you ended what they become.

Because you chose. Because something in you said, yes, you loved them, but the universe mattered more. The final death of the destroyers mattered more than the possible life of those you loved.

So you retreat.

You come here.

They made repairs for you, when you came back, the renegade returning, to volunteer for the Time War. They didn't have to summon you. You knew. You knew that War would need you, and you knew there was nowhere to run. For the first time.

The TARDIS runs better now than it ever did, though it maintains those idiosyncracies you love, the round-and-round-she-goes-where-she-stops-nobody-knows unpredictability of her travel. She doesn't have to. She does it because she loves you.

You don't know what to do with that. You don't know where to put that, how to accept that gift.

It doesn't matter. Because she gave it to you anyway. Your life, your body, your freedom, your mind. She remembered them all for you and put them back together and you are her labor of love and you cannot give that back. This gift that keeps on giving.

And taking.

The Zero Room. That's where you retreat to. )
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Stolen from [ profile] stardustflying.

You Are An ENTP

The Visionary

You are charming, outgoing, friendly. You make a good first impression.

You possess good negotiating skills and can convince anyone of anything.

Happy to be the center of attention, you love to tell stories and show off.

You're very clever, but you are not disciplined enough to do well in structured environments.

In love, you see everything as a grand adventure. You enjoy taking risks for love.

And if things don't work out, you're usually not too much worse for the wear!

You would make a great entrepreneur, marketing executive, or actor.

At work, you need a lot of freedom to pursue your own path and vision.

How you see yourself: Analytical, creative, and peaceful

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Detached, wishy-washy, and superficial

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((Stolen from [ profile] heroslayer. And, heh, it turned out about right XD About as close to "crazy alien" as you can get, if you're working in the Gothic-horror-type genre...))

Which creature of the night are you?
Your Result: Cthulu Spawn

You are really an alien thing, aren't you? I can't describe you because you are beyond. We say "left field" and you say "Krn Grth Thchrang." You are the wild card of the bunch, the unknown quantity

Which creature of the night are you?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz
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It's Christmas! Or close to Christmas! And given the terrible record he has with Christmases, the Doctor has decided to spend this Christmas in the TARDIS, right outside of the normal stream of time and space. This also ought to help Astrid get over her fear of Christmas, kind of ease her into the whole "you don't always die on the holidays" thing.

HOWEVER! Before he can zip the TARDIS out beyond time and space for a very merry unChristmas, it must be properly decorated. With EVERYTHING. Lights, and tinsel, and more lights, and more tinsel, and a tree, and holly, and boughs, and presents, and stockings, and nutcrackers, and there will be so much DECKING. The TARDIS will be DECKED OUT. Like woah.

And it's always more fun to decorate with friends. It makes things go quicker, and you can play in all the boxes and the wrapping paper and argue over where the ornaments should go.

SO! There's a Christmas decorating party in Ten's TARDIS and everyone's invited! Anyone he knows, anyone who he hasn't properly yet met but might wish to make his acquaintance or the acquaintance of anyone else who might show up, whatever. It'll be assumed he's parked it somewhere with some kind of mild Anti-Violence Field, so there'll be no chance of sabotaging the TARDIS or hurting anyone too badly while in it. Unless of course fun plot happens, what with Masters and Brendan and such-like and then, hey, Christmas violence and season's greetings!

Threadjacking and hopping is go, unless folks lock threads; and threads can take place at different times, so characters can come back to the party more than once. AND. Folks can thread in any combination, even without Watch!Ten being involved. It's a party, the doors are open, mingling will happen, and he's a terrible, terrible host who may be in a back room snogging Astrid trying something clever with Christmas lights and Hallmark electric ornaments that might repair the Chameleon Circuit. Maybe. Possibly. Not.

Feliz Navidad! Mi TARDIS es su TARDIS! )
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Stolen from [ profile] secretsmirk

If you woke up one morning and found me in your bed, what's the first thing you'd think or say?
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So, [ profile] laser_not_sonic and I were chatting about Watch!Ten and her Master, as we were finishing up their angst!swordfight thread, and we ended up discussing possible dark!futures for them, in which the Master succeeds in corrupting the Doctor further and the two decide to do the ruling-the-universe thing together (we also discussed the ball scene in Labyrinth as played by the Master as Jareth and the Doctor not as Sarah, dammit, he objects in silver vaguely-Renn-Faire gear and the glitteriness of this, and yes, I'm being infected by the Master/Doctor shippage, it's terrible XP). But, we ended up committing extended narration/pseudo-fic, and it all turned out very tragically for both Master and Doctor and it's not a good future, but it is oi, a bit wrenching. So here it is, I think it's worth the read.

[ profile] laser_not_sonic Well, at least this Doctor understands the fact that not everybody is redeemable. And that sometimes death can be a very good thing indeed. Though, argh, all this talk of Koschei and Theta in conjunction with this Doctor's darker tendencies is making the Master think sappy thoughts of the Doctor ruling the universe at his side. Because wouldn't that be fun?! *bounces* And who better? Surely they two are the only ones left in the universe with the right, and the ability.
[ profile] watch_is_me The Doctor would like to point out that ruling things involves a lot of time and responsibility and staying in *one place.* Can you see him going along with any of that, Master?
[ profile] laser_not_sonic The Master could do the staying in one place, and the Doctor could... go out and quell rebellions
[ profile] laser_not_sonic Or something
[ profile] watch_is_me lol
[ profile] laser_not_sonic *handwave*
[ profile] watch_is_me Ten: "Great, I'm the errand boy."
[ profile] watch_is_me Ten: "Run down to the shops and quell that rebellion, if you don't mind."
[ profile] watch_is_me Ten: B| "Quell your own rebellion."
[ profile] laser_not_sonic No, but seriously, if they ever did rule the universe together, he wouldn't just be the errand boy. They'd be equals. And the universe would cower before them, the Master and his *ahem* and the Doctor.
[ profile] watch_is_me lol
[ profile] watch_is_me I'm seeing the Doctor as running around adding new bits to the empire, and the Master consolidating.
[ profile] watch_is_me The Doctor would probably also be good at finding new talent and tracking down discontent.
[ profile] watch_is_me The Doctor is not pleased at me for saying any of this.
[ profile] laser_not_sonic See, he wouldn't just be an errand boy! He'd be essential to the empire. Besides, *smirk* every king needs a queen.
[ profile] watch_is_me Ten: "Yes, that's why you have *Lucy.* :|"
[ profile] laser_not_sonic Oi, this is the new Time Lord empire- hundreds of years into the future. Lucy's only going to last another seventy
[ profile] laser_not_sonic He says this very casually, but he will be all full of repressed anger and grief and confusion when she does die, and have no idea how to deal with any of it
[ profile] watch_is_me The Doctor will be happy to lend a shoulder to cry on. He's had people die on him before.
[ profile] watch_is_me This may or may not lead to consolation!sex.
[ profile] watch_is_me In which case, hoorah, long live the queen, oops :\
[ profile] laser_not_sonic The mun appreciates this, but the Master does not. He will kill things and destroy things and sulk for long periods of time because of course she was going to die, she was a human; what, does the Doctor think he didn't know that? And he'll be even more obnoxious than usual, because he... has he ever grieved at someone's death? I don't think he actually has.
watch_is_me: God, the Doctor will be insufferable. )
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So, since the Doctor plays as a kind of freerange muse, without any permanent comm home (appropriate, actually), I thought I'd keep these monthly logs of his threadliness. Here's most of his November activity; I think I missed a few early on, but the significant plottiness (particularly with Astrid, that's his main plot, seems like) is all here.

Also, consider this me monthly call for concrit, suggestions, what have you. If you'd like to thread with me, or anything like, want to see me write something that I haven't (I haven't written this month, really, just threaded, oops) etc., just comment. AND! Thinking about hosting a "come decorate the TARDIS" mixer thread for anyone who wants to drop in, this month. We shall see.


Family Holiday - Jenny-from-another-universe ([ profile] jen_anomaly) and the Doctor head off to Florana (and they actually manage to get there!). However, their idyllic "No-Jenny-you-shouldn't-date-the-Master-why-not-Dad-Time-Lords-are-superior-in-bed" outing encounters a hitch in the form of Daleks. Still in progress - need to tag back

Blind Date Anon Meme - The Doctor waffles about his relationship with Astrid and is told he should date intrepid reporters. Someone should have told his Third and Fourth this. Still in progress - need to tag back

I Never Left You - After he and the TARDIS were time-napped by a 7000th-century group of wealthy collectors (while Astrid was out, meaning she was left behind), the Doctor returns to 21st-century London to find Astrid fatigue-dazed, having searched for him for the four days he was missing. (For him, it was several months, spent saving the collectors' other captives.) They're quite pleased to see each other, though the Doctor's determined to nip things in the bud by taking her back to his other, ([ profile] not_from_mars). Complete!

Master Muppet Musical Battle and Mingling - The Doctor responds to [ profile] laser_not_sonic's invocation of Scissor Sisters by piping in Kermit singing "The Rainbow Connection." This leads to debate and the Doctor meeting the missus for the first time. Still in progress - need to tag back

Confessions Anon Meme Master!thread - [ profile] laser_not_sonic and the Doctor snipe at each other about the drums and musical tastes, continuing from a thread in [ profile] thedressingroom. Complete!

Confessions Anon Meme Valeyard!thread - The Doctor meets another Ten who chose to be a killer instead of a coward on the Game Station, [ profile] thevaleyard. Still in progress?

Confessions Anon Meme Astrid!thread - Astrid and the Doctor argue over their growing relationship, ending with their first kiss—which comes with its own percussion soundtrack, much to the Doctor's dismay. Complete!

Confessions Anon Meme Ting!thread - Is it Astrid? Is it Jenny? Is it the Master? After fail/flailing at the anon guessing game, the Doctor eventually hits on the answer—it's Ting! They chat, and the Doctor finally invites Ting to travel with him in the TARDIS, which he's been meaning to do since he met her. A new 'verse is born! Complete!

Confessions Anon Meme Handy!thread - Doctors are not so good at being anonymous, rly. Complete!

Confessions Anon Meme Canon!Ten!thread - The Doctor, following he and Astrid's kiss, very smoothly tells [ profile] not_from_mars that he might be borrowing Astrid for a while, kthx. Astrid, however, can't bring herself to choose either Doctor over the other, and runs off. Way to go, Doctors. You haven't lost your touch with the ladies. Complete!

Meta Crises - And in meta-land (read: [ profile] dear_mun), Astrid and the Doctor commiserate over their 'wrights plotting and rehearse for their inevitable "It will all end in tears, why are you abandoning me on this alternate Earth, Doctor, why it's because I'm ethically unassailable and always right, didn't you know?" scene. Complete!

Hand of Tens - Astrid's ganged up on by both Tens (and a Gene Hunt...). Watch!Ten proves that he's not so great at card tricks, and Astrid proves that she's a little bit psychic. Astrid...pretty much makes her choice, I'd say, between the Doctors. And the Doctor makes his. Remember: If this TARDIS is a-rockin', don't come knockin'. That's all I'm sayin', folks. And, ha, Ten so beat you, Gene! Gene: 0, Ten: 1. Complete!

Country Doctors - The Doctor, in Bessie, and another Doctor, on a Vespa, discuss the relative nature of lostness. Being lost. Lostivity. Hung, pretty much

The Grand Tour - Ting and the Doctor swap postcards as they travel around Europe, in their own ways. Complete!

The Boy (and Girl) Who Lived - The Doctor takes Ting on her first trip in the TARDIS. Thar be griffins. Still in progress - need to tag back

Christmas, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong! - Jenny invites the Doctor to a Christmas party, and the Doctor ponders the oddities of English idioms. Complete!

The Doctor Duels - The Doctor mucks about the multiverse with a rapier, and gets into fights (and conversations) with numerous people, including Astrid, the Scarlet Pimpernel, several Masters, Edward Sexby, and Eleven. His mun plays with his emo and his angst and he gets very slightly loony in several threads. Lots of working out his temper, his tendency to violence as compared to that of Canon!Tens, and trying like bloody, bloody hell to get a handle on the Doctor/Master relationship. Ye goddamned slippery bugger, I'll get ye someday. Some threads complete, some still in progress

Sex and Violence - The two Tens (Watch!Ten and his other, [ profile] not_from_mars) commiserate about muns and their love of plottiness. Angst plottiness. Watch!Ten flails at Astrid a bit more. Complete!

Science Guys - Oi, it's Arthur Eddington! He's brilliant, did you know he's brilliant? Ten does, and now Arthur does, too, because Ten's told him! A lot! And talked about religion some, too. Complete!

Einstein and Egos - And now it's Einstein! Einstein does not appreciate the futility of being modest when you're as genius-y as Ten is. Really. It's a lost cause, modesty, give in. Complete!

Thursday's Angel and Time's Champion - Ten tries to get himself smote by Castiel, the Angel of Thursday. This mostly consists of being alternately flippant and Tragic, and griping when said angel pokes around in his head. That's his emotional baggage, thar, keep out o' the glove compartment, you! Complete!

Oi, Mate! - Watch!Ten and [ profile] not_from_mars wish their muns would go take a long walk off a short pier, thanks. Complete!

Nightmares about Christmas - Astrid doesn't think she wants to celebrate Christmas, for some weird reason. Ten enthuses and tells her they can celebrate unChristmas! In the TARDIS! It'll be awesome and there will be cookies. Or biscuits. Because he's British. He's a British alien, that makes sense, doesn't it? ANYWAY! Christmas is not about death, Astrid. Well. Not for most people. That's Easter, and it's not really about death either. It's about baskets. Complete!

Ye Olde Evil Twin - Watch!Ten meets Brendan Block. DOES NOT WANT. Complete!

Imposter! - However, because he's only met Brendan in meta before, he doesn't know not to chat with the fellow when he shows up in full IC. 'Lo, Brendan, I has wimmen, why do I think I should not tell you about them LOL? Still in progress

It Ain't Easy - [ profile] rude_not_ginger and Watch!Ten talk about saying those three words. Their views differ a tad, but it all boils down to WE BE TRAGIC MEN SEE OUR ANGST? Angstangstangstangst. Complete!
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Alrighty, so I've seen some folks do this before, and it sounds like a fun idea. I always love the thought of sending people postcards/letters and never have an excuse to do so. So! If you'd like my Ten to send your muse a postcard at some point in the next month-ish, tag this entry with your mailing address. Tags screened, o'course. Even if Ten doesn't know your muse particularly well IC, he and his 'wright here will come up with something to babble on about. We're clever! And have gel pens!


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