Jan. 9th, 2009

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When I said I was in a slump, I apparently meant for, except when I'm lured into chatplay with [livejournal.com profile] t_eyla and end up with Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer on my Doctor's TARDIS.

And then run with this scenario on and off with her for two days.

What we're learning?

One, if you're a vampire and you drink from a Time Lord, your heart starts up again. A little. Regenerative properties, dontcha know.

Two, if you then defibrillate said heart after giving the vampire more Time Lord blood, you end up resuscitating said vampire properly. However, if you screw up and there's too much Gallifreyan blood in the vampire's system (or your mun just hates you and agrees to let screwy things happen with your medical experiments), you trigger regeneration instead of just accelerated healing, and hoorah, you now have your very own Time Lord. Damn.

Three, you aren't a proper Time Lord until another Time Lord has touched minds with you and showed you how to sort your own mind out (discovering my own fanon, in keeping with the Looms idea, but kinda...going off on my own with it is fun!). This is something cousins do for newly-Loomed siblings, the moment they first exist, and it establishes an instinctive familial bond. So, if you neglect to do this with your vampire, because he's *not* a Time Lord, dammit, then he goes around feeling lost and disoriented and like he can't find a settled point in his own mind. And then when you do go and do it, because you're feeling rather guilty about not and the fellow keeps walking into walls and the like, you establish him as family, in your biological/mental instincts' opinion. Great.

Four, the Doctor doesn't know what to do when someone close to him gets hung up on hierarchy. He doesn't want to go around doing the alpha male thing, he just wants to be mates. He's not the table-pounding type of Dad, he's the "Can't we go explore and then if you screw up I'll glare at you and be disappointed and not quite bother to explain what you did wrong?" kind. And vampires, apparently, like hierarchy.

Five, the Doctor has a rather good friend called Tony, who runs a bar that serves the best Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters in the universe. Tony has four arms and a purple third eye in the middle of his forehead, and gets little paper umbrellas imported from Earth just because the Doctor likes about three of them in his Pan Galactics. He is also not above serving drinks to ex-vampiric Time Lords, especially if the Doctor has just told him it's time to cut said Time Lord off. Tony is a jerk, and thinks drunk Time Lords tell the damnedest stories and get into sing-offs and it livens up a dull night.

...I may post this up in bits later, it's just...random.


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